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The Fire Series

     Set mostly in Seattle, Washington, this is the first novel in an episodic contemporary romance suspense series. 

NOTE:  This series is in first person point-of-view.

If you like these authors...

Lori Foster,

Carian Cole,

Cari Quin and Taryn Elliott,

Layla Nash, and

Ivy Layne...

Then, this series is for you!

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Into the Fire

Book One of The Fire Series

Can Raven and Travis escape the obsession that follows him?
Can they find the courage to fight for what could be the best for both of them?

Available for purchase NOW!


The Fire Inside

Book Two of The Fire Series

Anna is in serious danger when a psychopath has plans for her.

Will she allow Tony to save her?

And thereby...  Each other?

Available for purchase NOW!

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Home Fires

Book 2.1 of The Fire Series

A Seasonal Short Story about Raven...

AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY for those who signed up for the NEWSLETTER!

If the Seas Catch Fire.png

If the Seas Catch Fire

Book Three of The Fire Series

Steve and Mallory's Story...

Coming in 2023!

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