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Into the Fire

   Raven is a chef who longs to get out of the high-pressure environment of Seattle's high-end restaurants. It might be the career path she chose, but it isn't the right fit. While searching out a new path, she happens to meet her favorite actor and gets to cook for him. Confident about her cooking and little else, she finds herself falling for him. Is her attraction to her famous boss worth the risk of losing everything she has worked for and gained?


   Travis is regretting his decision in dating his co-star Jessica and breaks things off. When he runs into Raven at a convention, he is in awe of her talent. He hires her to be his personal chef. Jaded about romance, especially after how toxic the end of his previous relationship has become, Travis finds himself caring more and more for his new personal chef. However, another workplace relationship could blow up in his face again. 


  Raven's life becomes endangered by Travis’ stalker, so he pushes her away for her own safety. He discovers with the help of his friends that what he feels for Raven is real for the first time. Can he get her back before it's too late?


  Can Raven and Travis escape the obsession that follows him? Can they find the courage to fight for what could be the best for both of them?

   Into the Fire  is Book One of The Fire Series


     Set mostly in Seattle, Washington, this is the first novel in an episodic contemporary romance suspense series. Into the Fire is the story of Raven and Travis.  How they meet and fall for each other while an obsession follows Travis and endangers Raven.


Can they find the courage to fight for what could be the best thing for both of them?

NOTE:  This series is in first person point-of-view.

If you like these authors...

Lori Foster,

Carian Cole,

Cari Quin and Taryn Elliott,

Layla Nash, and

Ivy Layne...

Then this series is for you!

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