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Book Two of The Fire Series - The Fire Inside

     Set mostly in Seattle, Washington, the second novel in an episodic contemporary romance suspense series.  The Fire Inside is the story of Tony and Anna.  Learn of what happened when he left Travis and Raven in Book One of The Fire Series - Into the Fire.

     Anna Haun is in real and terrifying danger.  Understanding herself, and trusting the last person she wants to, is the only way she is going to survive.

     Tony Lisi is going to save Anna, even if she hates in him the end.  Because, the world deserves to have her in it.

     There is more than Anna's life at stake when a psychopath comes up with plans for her.

Can Tony and Anna learn the truth, and a way to save each other?




     S. A. Crow is an LGBTQ+ Author that lives in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas with her two lovely roommates and two very odd dogs.  She has always written for fun since she was a child.  Having a hard childhood would help her make up imaginary worlds in her head to escape.  In her 20's, she sat down and wrote a book.  Admittedly, it wasn't very good as she had no idea about the craft of writing a novel.  However, she did it anyway.  Sadly, she lost the manuscript, but the story lives in her memory.

     As a former owner and editor of two internet magazines, she has some writing experience.  In the mid-2000's, she was a member of the Fort Worth Haiku Society and was honored to be the President of the Society for a time.  Her poetry was published in a compilation and in the Society publications.  In November 2020, she signed up for NaNoWriMo and rewrote the story from her 20's.  Having so many more skills now as an author than she did in her 20's, she was extremely glad she could add more flare to the story.

   Currently, she is a home health careworker, poet, writer, and independent novelist. When she isn't writing, she's reading a good book.  In her viewpoint, age is just a level of experience to play to the end.  By sharing her work and journey with you, she hopes we all can become better readers and authors together.  Let's level up!

The second book in her Fire Contemporary Suspense Romance Series will be out in March of 2022.

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